22 December 2014

Merry Christmas from Ghana

Dear Family,

Merry Christmas!!!!!!
I loved opening your email with a bunch of little notes from everyone! Many of them made me laugh (Dad, yours was possibly the funniest)! That's sweet that you all went running together. I have a feeling that Ryatt will be a better runner than me when I return home. >.< :D
As for that scripture. Hahaha, I feel like there could be a couple things that could remind you of me in that one! Which one in particular was it? Sounds like Ryatt had an awesome birthday. It's so weird for me to think of him as being so old, but I guess I'll accept it! I'll be happy to be there for when he receives the preisthood. That food looks so gooooood!
The Charger game: What a miracle! Hey! That's awesome!!!! Not pretty, but a great win! :D Sounds crazy. Just a bit more left of the season.
... It's going to be a good Christmas!
I'm happy that you got all the blog posts printed for grandpa. I miss them! I miss all my grandparents! Wish them Merry Christmas for me. And to all the cousins and aunts and uncles, too. :) I'm glad Grandma Ofa still knows me. :) It'll be interesting when I get home.
So strange to hear of all those elders going home so soon! I'm hoping I get to see Elder Pearmain and Elder Guymon before they go home, but this mission is big, and we already know I won't see any of those others until I get home. Crazy!
Plan on something like 6 pm my time [for our Christmas Day phone call]. It's not so stressful this time for me, I don't know why. It'll work out smoothly. I already got my SIM card! the call will be coming from +23350xxxxxxx okay? :D
My week felt pretty slow and lame during the week, but at the end when we totaled everything up it wasn't so bad. :)
Tuesday: No district meeting! We went to Agona for this day. It was a bit slow, but we managed to have some success. We didn't have a member to show us to new people, but started teaching a new guy, Daniel! He's a taxi driver, and he seemed interested when we were in the car with him once (he asked us first about stuff, and wanted us to come). We have our next appointment with him on Christmas. Strange, right? Yeah, they don't do much for Christmas here.
Wednesday: an exchange with Elder Iwuji into his area, Kissi! What a crazy time. We went over there early in the morning, and they met us on bikes. Yep. This was my first time riding a bike on my mission. Let's just say... It wasn't nice. The seat, the bike itself... It all needs some work done on it. My bum hurt for 2 days after! Also, my legs were way weak, so I have now recommitted myself to strengthening important muscle groups: Squat time! Every day. Let's see how many I'll be doing before I come home! The exchange was good; I went and did an interview for a good lady.
Thursday: the Christmas Devotional!!! Wohoooooo! Soooo it was good. We had some instruction from Pres. Stevenson, followed by some "team-building activities" led by Elder Julander. Honestly, it reminded me of scouts. Timberline was a long time ago, but still. ;) After those things we had lunch, which wasn't as much rice as I could eat, but I went and had seconds. hehe. We had some spiritualish musical showcases afterwards from different zones. My district all got up and sang "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" while I played guitar. Yep. I played guitar! I can't say I sounded amazing on it, and I definitely would not say that we sounded amazing, but we did okay. It was fun! I figured out the chords by ear and looking at a hymnbook, so that was fun to prepare!
Friday: We went to Ankaase and Saaman! Unfortunately, Abeku isn't progressing very much.. He was somehow sitting with us so well because he thought we could help him go to school, so we had to explain otherwise... But he still came to church on Sunday! Surprised us, actually. He's not ready, but maybe with time and more experience he will be. I feel like I've just been called to prepare people since I've been in this area... Also, I have a random note, there was something in the Liahona from an "Elaine Vickers." The name looks familiar, is it the Vickers from our ward? Just curious. That evening Elder 'Atu'ake was taking a shower and I had the bright idea of turning off the light to the bathroom (the switch is on the outside). So, it was pitch black in there, and Elder 'Atu'ake starts to make funny noises, first sounding like mario "is that mario kart inside there?" --Elder Judy. Then he proceeded to do the haka. In the shower. He was yelling and the rest of us, Elder Cardon, Judy, and me were rolling on the floor laughing SO hard! Ahh funny stuff.
Saturday: Chargers day, Ryatt's birthday, and my 15 month mark! Party! :) The day started off with the baptism of the Kissi Elders' candidate (which Elder Judy performed because the woman was HUGE). After that we went and proselyted! All of our appointments failed. All of them. Soooo we prayed for the best! We came across a guy sitting behind some structure, and I noticed he was doing something. We went up to him, and he had a burning joint sitting right next to him. I asked him what he was doing, "are you smoking a joint?" "yeah, Marijuana!" "why?" "I like it!" goodness. Elder 'Atu'Ake asked how much it was. Way cheap. Sad. But we gave him a pamphlet about the Word of Wisdom. :) That was mostly the day. We managed to teach some people, but it was a pretty slow day.
Sunday: Church! Only one investigator at church. I guess it's okay, we're working hard! We had a meal at Charlotte's house after church, and she had the tv on. Then came Pentatonix! The station played a few of their songs and then. David Archuleta with Motab!!!!! That was SO cool to see on Ghanaian television. Sweet Christmas music. :) We tried to talk to a bunch of people during the evening, and we managed to meet some really good people. Hopefully things pan out!
Monday: Nothing much so far today. Just an emergency trip to the nearest toilet that was really far away during the middle of emailing! :) We're in Cape Coast today running some errands.
So, during this Christmas season. I forgot to send ya'll a Christmas letter. Sorry, yeah? So I'll add a thought or something like it. This season is really about Jesus Christ. It's so unique to be here in Ghana for this time for the year because they don't really celebrate Christmas very much. I feel like I can relate it to the way we celebrate the 4th of July, except with a touch of Jesus here. They don't really stay in their homes or have trees or lights hung up or have those familial traditions that we have so much of. But this is still a season to celebrate the birth of Christ and the amazing life He lived. We have been blessed with so much, and it really doesn't take much to remember Him. Of course, the sacramental prayers talk about how we remember him all the time, but a special day for his birth, I feel, is a more special way to show our love for Him. Our family traditions bring the spirit, and the spirit is what Christ has given us in his absence. I know He loves each one of us. Thank you for all the support you all give me, and have a wonderful Christmas! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon!


Elder Price

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