09 February 2015

Dumsor, Dumsor

Dear Family!

Hello! Happy Monday! Happy February! Wait... it's Valentine's day this week. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sister Julander told me about her becoming friends with you on Facebook. I laughed and rolled my eyes. She's fun! They did an apartment inspection (kinda) this week! They walked through our apartment and critiqued small. But they didn't do a real inspection--they gave us some tips on cleaning before they'll come down and really inspect the place. 

Yes, I only have this week left in the transfer. Transfer news is this Saturday! It's felt pretty fast (mostly just normal), but I don't really think Elder Halterman will be leaving me quite yet. He's been here for 6 months, a decent amount of time, but I think it'll be a 2 transfer companionship. It's crazy to hear all the stories of people going home, especially that MTC because I knew most of those elders very well. All those pictures were so bizarre to see! I get to have Elder Baldwin and Elder Pearmain in this cafe with me, so we all gawked at the pictures quite a bit. People are HOME. O.o Strange. [I sent him a couple photos of Elders Cottrell and Zaugg at the SLC airport, home from Ghana]

Things are going well here! I forgot to take a bunch of pictures of the apartment... But I sent you one of our front room where we had our district meeting! 

We had our district meeting there because Elder Allen was way sick, and we wanted to provide a way for Elder Wight to be present for the meeting. So we did it inside! It's a different feeling when it's inside the apartment (through the districts I've been in I've experienced a various mix of meeting places), but it wasn't bad. It was a good instruction, despite Elder Halterman only getting about 30 minutes to prepare for it! We were running around most of the morning buying meds, then returning them, then buying a malaria test to replace the one we used in the apartment. That testing was hilarious; Elder Wight was the one trying to prick Elder Allen's finger, but he poked Elder Allen's finger something like five times before he even got blood to come out. But then the blood wasn't enough, but by the time they realized this (they being Elder Julander and Elder Wight), the blood had stopped flowing. So he had to poke again! And mess up again! And then he switched fingers and FINALLY got the blood needed. Fun morning. :)

We are on a new electricity schedule! It's now 12 hours on, 24 hours off. Dumsor dumsor (on off, on off). It's pretty funny to listen to locals rant about it. :) It's definitely not easy, but, y'know, we'll manage. Fridges won't exactly work as we usually use them... But I'm used to that by now, right? ;)

We taught a ton more lessons this week! It made logical sense, because we have been doing a lot of finding in the past while... But now we actually have people to teach! It's perfect! I hope it stays up like this now. It's much more enjoyable than trying to find new people.

There was one time this week when Elder Halterman and I had just finished walking a crazy distance and then had some failed appointments, so we were just sitting in the shade, cooling down, when something unique happened! We had been sitting for 5 or 10 minutes when a man nearby calls us over and asks us to sit with him and visit with him. It was really cool! Completely unplanned, but worked in a perfect way to fill the amount of time we had.

I went on an exchange into Kweikuma again this week! I went with Elder Barlow, another sleepover. Not too much to report on that. It wasn't bad! I was exhausted by the time it was all over, but it wasn't bad. Just normal. :)

Oh yeah, the palm butter. Here's the story: there's a return missionary sister from the Accra West Mission named Abigail, or Sister Essel. She's awesome! She's in Sekondi ward, and she served most of her time with Liberian companions. So she can speak their english and cook their food. :) She's recently returned; she's the same MTC as some elders who are still on mission and was in the same mission as Elders Bowring, Tolar, and Fairwell. She made Palm Butter for me. :) It was really good! 
Palm Butter
We also sat with her later in the week and she showed us all her pictures from her mission and such. It was crazy to see some people I know (my MTC mates, Liberia mates, etc)!

Anddd B and A. They're awesome. We taught A every day this week, as planned, and she just.. understood. And it all clicked. There was a time during the lesson on Friday when we were talking about baptism and her feelings about being baptized, the things we were teaching, etc when she said basically that if she hadn't been receiving answers to her prayers, didn't believe it, and so forth we wouldn't be sitting there right then. She's awesome. It was very blunt, but definitely in the right direction. :) B and A BOTH came to church on Sunday (they gave Elder Halterman and me a ride), and it was INCREDIBLE. This is no normal conversion process, and it's a blessing to be able to be a part of it. It makes any other hard time in this area or on mission seem completely bearable simply because of how great the joy is of an occasional hour or two on the occasional day or so.

I'm doing well... Not really too much to update ya'll on. I'm not getting sick or anything. I'm trying to do my best and remember why I'm here. I try not to think about the fact that each day is going by and the fact that I'll be going home is looming nearer and nearer, but I still have a decent amount of time. I can still do a lot! :)

Have an awesome week! I love you all so much!

Elder Price

Bonus photos: 
Elder Halterman, Elder Wight, and Elder Price
Our awesome member farming 
Elder Halterman wearing our member's SWEET hat. 
Walking down a path in Ghana
"Isn't West Africa unique? Yeah, I'm kinda used to it now. :P :) "
Elder Halterman on a bridge!
We found what? A train.
Then we "boarded" the train

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