02 February 2015

Turning the Other Cheek

Dear Family!

Hello! And Dad's half a century old! WOOT WOOT! :D Your week report sounds like a party (literally)! What an extensive birthday. I'm glad you liked it, Dad!

Answers to those questions and random thoughts:

Bamboo socks are working great! No problems. The inside of my "mission shoes" are getting pretty worn so I might switch back to the Eccos, but socks are fine! I got the pens!!! That part was awesome. :) The oils were there too. I did have a question about a couple of them... how do I use onguard? and lemongrass? I was going to ask you about the peppermint beadlets, but Elder Wight was familiar with those and told me how to use those.

That story about church was really good. I've always valued the experience I've had being raised with that other view/perspective of church a such. It's even a different view than most other elders here, and I've loved being able to share different views and sharing experiences about my family life in regards to the church and such. It's also given me some testimonies that feel unique to me. We're all different, and put where we are so that we can be in a place to most help others. It's just hard to see how we can help sometimes. :)

Water didn't get filled on Monday.... Which made for some big issues. But we scraped through and got water on Tuesday morning. Thank goodness the Julanders are next to us; otherwise I think we wouldn't have water right now. 

B. is awesome! I like him so much! But we did get a little disappointed this week. We had a great lesson on Friday with the Julanders joining us. Unfortunately, his wife still hadn't returned, but we were able to have a great lesson with him. His questions are very good, and it makes me like teaching! :) The disappointing part, however, is that he didn't make it to church on Sunday. We called him, and he explained that he traveled and would return at the end of the week. No problem, not a huge negative, but not a great positive. But then this morning. We received a text from him! He asked us to teach his wife every day this week at 2 pm. What a miracle! We haven't been getting too many lessons, and this is one of the lessons that we've been desiring so much to teach, but haven't been able to. Now we can! A ton! :D

On Friday we had our interviews with the Mission President. It was a pretty chill interview with Pres. Stevenson. No complaints! The whole meeting was good, and I received my package at the end of it! Great package. :) Although I missed not having Dad's letter in there. The treats were nice! Medaase paa! (thank you very much)

You saw the pictures of the interviews district meeting.. we did comment how my tie matched her dress, actually. :) It was funny! I've been wearing that tie a bit more often now, and I always get compliments about it. People like it! [his purple "wedding tie" is from Rikki's wedding, an event he missed while serving]
District meeting photos courtesy the Stevenson's blog
Oh yeah, on Tuesday we went to our coordination meeting, but Elder Allen was asked to help the YW learn a song to perform later on, so we all joined in in helping! We found a whiteboard and everything. It was really entertaining! 
"Don't judge me for not smiling. In the next one I am."
Over compensating smile?
Elder Price, Elder Allen, and a really awesome YW leader (she's a returned missionary)
Another random fun thing this week was Sunday evening. We went to the B's house for a wonderful meal, and I spent some of the time at the end getting slapped by their youngest boy, Junior. The video is hysterical. :) Hilarious kids in that family. 
Fufu with Tilapia!
[the pen is there so we can see the relative size of the meal.]
Turning the other cheek?  :)
Then at the end of the night we went up to the Julander's apt and watched a video about the journey of Lehi and his family from Jerusalem to the Americas! It was really insightful, and I enjoyed it with some treats. :) see pictures.
"Some treats"
Things have been good in our area, ish. We're working hard! Finding doesn't always show a whole ton of results, but there are always some good things. I'm learning a lot about starting conversations with Ghanaians. It feels weird to say that because it's such a "new-missionary" thing to be dealing with, but I've decided to always be trying to improve on it. Contacting here is different, and I've learned to accept that and now I'm trying to be good at it!

I love you all so much. Have a great week!


Elder Price

 Bonus photos:
Elder Halterman coming out of some bush in the blazing sun. No, this isn't what Sekondi looks like. I'm standing on a road. Behind me is more of a city.
My celestial photos. :) I took these during a sunrise!

 Sunset photos:

Random night shot from the stairs of the Julander's apt:

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