24 February 2015

You Know How I Like Gadgets

Dear Family,

Looks like the internet's really slow today. >.< Also, this has been typed in Word.. As I write this the website isn't even loading. Blah. Frustrating. And I just switched computers because that one was having issues. This is just a bad emailing day. Dang.

Well, this week was somehow not too much but kinda eventful! Okay, to be honest, I don’t really remember anything that happened this week. I guess I’ll open up my planner and see what I got. J

So, Tuesday was kind of interesting! That was when we had the solar panels and the inverter installed with the giant batteries! It’s awesome. We’re currently going through the testing process with it. I’m the one responsible to watch the thing and flip the switches ‘cause they don’t want all the elders messing with it. I got the gig because when they were hooking it up I was just sucking in all the information about it. It’s like candy to me. J a new toy! You know how I like gadgets. They put the solar panels on our roof—well, the roof of our upstairs neighbors, which is opposite the Julander’s apartment. That way the Julanders can make sure the panels are doing okay while we’re the guinea pigs! It also charges from the power that comes from the ECG (Electric Company of Ghana) when that’s on.
Solar Panels!
This installation meant that we had to be indoors on Tuesday, which meant that district meeting was held in the Julanders apartment! Shh, I’m not sure they know. Haha, I took a picture of it ‘cause it was funny to me. We were switching companionships that would be watching our apartment while the meeting was going on. We would’ve had the meeting downstairs, but the noise and mess was too much for us to hold it there.

Tuesday night was fun: Elder Guymon and Elder Ntsie slept the night! You know Elder Guymon from previously on mission. It was fun to talk to him! Seeing him and Elder Pearmain go home is so strange for me. Those guys were only 7 months ahead of me when I came out! Now they’re gone! They were the border MTC where I started to think someone was quite a bit further on mission: if they were older than that group than they were OLD.

What else happened this week… We taught B. and A.! They’re still great. J I love teaching them. I love them. They’re a great couple. They came to church, and they’re now praying over a specific date in March to be baptized.

We had missionary Sunday on Sunday! I taught the YM (young mens) class and we did a musical number. Two elders, Elder Wight and me, as well as Vincent (our ward mission leader), sang with 3 sisters (2 RMs and 1 future missionary) "The Army of Helaman" in a nice arranged way. It was really fun! :) That musical number was in sacrament meeting. Elder Wight also gave a talk while I blessed the sacrament and other people did other things. It was a fun Sunday!​
Elder Wight, Vincent (ward mission leader), and Elder Price
This morning we had a district activity at the Julanders’ apartment! We watched a movie that was approved by our mission president to watch: Saratov Approach. Crazy, eh? Well, it was really good. Elder Halterman kept telling me to pretend that it’s the “Rostov Approach” and that they’re two sisters instead of two elders. I decided not to do that. J It was a fun activity.

We currently don’t have too many investigators, and we’re kinda back to square one in finding. 

<internet crashed... I'm navigating with solely keyboard buttons! For some reason that's working...>

Things are going pretty good here, and it's actually rainy today! It's great to hear all of those things about the homecoming as well, and I'm glad that those cards made it to you safely. I value those a lot.  [We received two SD cards from Elder Pearmain on Sunday, one was completely full of Elder Price’s photos from Liberia and the other contained many photos from Liberia and Ghana]

I'm doing my best and trying to get better, but it's not always easy. With some thought that I had this week I've realized that I wouldn't be who I am today if I had been in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission my whole mission, and I wouldn't be who I am today if I had been in Liberia the whole time. For some reason I'm supposed to experience both and learn from both. I just pray that I'm learning the right things. :) Thank you so much for your love. Have a great week!


Elder Price


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