16 February 2015


Dear Family,

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day!

Whoah, that talk sounds awesome! Especially that stuff about that investigator in Doe Community. Why? Because I've met that man. I was teaching him, but we were mostly teaching his wife. He's awesome. That's really cool stuff to hear about. Widdison and Humphreys both served in Doe Community as well, but I'm sure you figured that out. :) Sweet pictures! ahh thank you for including the returning missionaries in this email! [Yesterday we attended Elder Zaugg's homecoming and shared stories from his talk and photos from before and after the meeting]


For Sekondi Elders... Nothing!!! Only a couple elders in our district are going; Elders Nielsen and Joseph (Draper, UT and South Africa, respectively).

We are getting a new zone leader, however. Elder Miskin is now transferred, and we are receiving... Elder Judy!!!!!! I'm way pumped for that one. Our apartment is far away from the zone leaders, so I still won't see them very much, but it will be awesome to have him over here. :) Other notes from the transfer... Nothin' really. We're glad that Elder Halterman is staying--he gets to continue teaching B. and A. I'm glad too because there are still places that I don't know too well. >.<

Other updates:

B. and A. are awesome! Unfortunately they were a bit busy this week, so we didn't get to see them too much. Also, B. was sick over the weekend with Malaria which meant that they weren't able to come to church. We visited them after church, though! When we saw A. on Wednesday or so with the Julanders, she asked us if she could feed us. So, how do you think two young guys will respond? Yes! When we came on Sunday we were greeted with an amazing meal of good jollof rice, plantains, great meat, a salad thing, with things like ketchup and soda for us! Yummy! :)

As for the dumsor dumsor, it's going to be much better after today. :) That's because of some SWEET stuff that's happening for the Sekondi apartment. Originally we were having the rough schedule of that, but it's been keeping us on our toes lately. We can't really tell WHAT the schedule is anymore. I still have some of the solar stuff [he took with him], and I appreciate it dearly. Other elders like that I have it. We have rechargeable lights, but ours only lasts for about 30 minutes. I still have that inflatable light, and that one is by far the best thing that I brought, light wise. I also have two solar flashlights. The big black crank and solar lamp that I brought was left in Liberia, and the solar charging headlamp broke in Liberia. But, speaking of solar... We've gone solar!!! Or are currently going. We are being used as the test apartment for having two GIANT deep cycle batteries (they each look like car batteries, but are 3x the size), which will charge from the regular current that we get from Ghana as well as some solar panels that they are putting on our roof. It's going to be awesome. :) No light off! They are currently in the apartment installing it; the other Sekondi elders are stuck there until we return. 
Solar panels and deep cycle batteries!
Also, in the realm of apartment improvement, they gave us a new door! Our old one was trash. It could've been kicked down by a 3 year old. Hm. Ghana is really safe.

I'm not going to be sending a camera card with Elder Pearmain... Maybe with Elder Guymon. Elder Guymon is in a far zone, so he'll be sleeping at our apartment tomorrow night before he goes to the mission home. I might send an old one, but it will mean that I no longer have any Liberia pictures and videos with me. But I guess that's okay. :) I haven't received my latest package... I am eagerly awaiting it. :)

On Tuesday we had a zone meeting! I mention it mostly because I wrote it in my notes to email home... haha. I bought banana bread. It's not as sweet as the stuff back home, and the heaviness is different, but it's not bad. It was a nice treat for me. :)

Monday night last week the missionaries going home from Western Region had a nice party with the Julanders. That meant that Elder Guymon came all the way from his zone, Tarkwa, to visit them! Because of the distance, a couple companionships from that zone slept over at our apartment that night. It was fun to chat with him for a bit! It was my first time seeing him since coming to Cape Coast Mission.

I never mentioned that I got a nice little sidebag from Elder Halterman! He bought a new one, so I took his old one that has gone through quite a bit but is still holding up fine. Just thought I'd let you know so you're not surprised when you see pictures with me and that bag. [It may be a while. It seems most of his pictures are of his companion these days:]

"We climbed down this thing, to the much laughter from the locals. :) 
It's a sandstone like wall with a million goats. Shortcuts!"
"Looking over Sekondi from the same wall."
This past week we had a celebration for Elder Halterman and Elder Allen! They have 6 months until they go home. Crazy how time flies, I'm only one transfer behind them. We celebrated making cake and chicken curry (from packages that parents sent their kids. Curry came from my companion, obviously [his family lives in Singapore]). We did this all up in the Julander's apartment and they made a bowl of mixed fruit. Yum! :) We stayed up too late.

There was another random night when Elder Halterman and I went up to collect some letters for us (I got one from the young men of the ward) and Elder Julander made us candy corn, kinda like caramel corn. It was really good. :)

In the Liahona that we recently received, there are some Africa West Area pages in the middle of it. This issue Elder Berrett wrote something about the Liberia YSA summit that happened last year, while I was still in Liberia. The best part about the article was the picture of four younger woman from Doe Community branch!!! Those 4 are awesome, and I know them well. [links to the article he refers to: online version and pdf version]
"Left to right: Helena Boakai, Favor, Sarah, and Princess"
I think that's it for this week. It's been strange this past week to think about home and what it's like. I'm not sad that I only have 5 transfers left, but it feels weird. I'll be hitting my 18 month mark this transfer, I believe. I'm trying to do my best! I'm still trying to change, despite being in the downhill where it's harder to change. I'm doing well, and mission is good!

I love you all so much!!!

Elder Price

"This kid is awesome. He's the 2nd counselor in the bishopric's son, and his returning from school routine goes like this: He gets home, changes out of his uniform, grabs food, eats the food, then sets up a stool and table with all his books and immediately begins to study. This was my first time to see such an impressive routine here! :) If only I'll be able to instill that in myself when I return."
"Looking from a ridge over a bunch of stuff toward the chapel--the big white point in the distance."
"Random road"
"Cat in the chapel. >.< :D "

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