01 June 2015

Farewell Frisbee

Hey Family!

Another week of no mouse and all keyboard. I am getting fast at it, though. Now I'm the nice guy at the café who'll take the computer w/o the mouse! Maybe this is supposed to train me for later in my life! (You know, this is my problem with tablets, they don't have keyboards very often! It makes it so shortcuts just don't exist! :P)

I guess I'll just go straight into my week this time! I'll start with Tuesday. Bear with me here, the days really blur together. Maybe there's a story or two in this week that I just have to dig for.

Tuesday was good! We had our district meeting, another great one with just the normal district. :) 
"After district meeting fufu!"
After everything, we were able to teach Al. and An., the two investigators preparing for their baptisms! Thinking about those lessons, the lesson with An. was actually pretty funny. An. had his little girl with him as we were teaching; he had just picked her up from her mother. As we began to teach, she started crying so much. So he checks her diaper. ​He excuses himself to change it. Awesome, right? No more distractions. But little did we know that little baby hadn't eaten in a longggg time. So we are trying to teach a lesson, and she won't stop crying. Finally we finished a few principles when we decided to end the lesson there and come back the next day. Don't worry, the baby was fed and she stopped crying. Adorable little girl. :)

The next day was a bit of running around to teach some few lessons in various places: We taught Hamida a recent convert lesson, An. that one last lesson for him to be ready for his interview the next day. And we taught T., a younger girl who lives out in Ketan who is the daughter of a member and is preparing for her baptism (she's really excited for it. The only bummer is that it has to wait until 20 June!). Something awesome during the day was that when we finished teaching An. that lesson and preparing him for the interview, he walked with us outside and introduced us to his neighbor, B., a half Ghanaian, half Nigerian, woman who is interested in learning what the Book of Mormon is. We set an appointment, and the day was great! After the lesson with T. in Ketan, which happens to always be at Vincent's house 'cause she doesn't speak English, and he basically just teaches the lessons for us, Vincent gave us some Popo! It was yummy. :)   [the last time he mentioned popo was when he was serving in Liberia. He described it then as "Popo is like cantaloupe. but it's not."] Then it started to rain, and Vincent lent us some umbrellas and we made it home on the dark and scary train tracks with smokers. ;)

Thursday was (kinda) the day! At least, it was a pretty short day. Planning in the morning, followed by apartment lunch at a member's restaurant in Sekondi, picking up the shirt I got for Dad (the guy made it quite big; he said it's better to be too big than too small! We can tailor it or something if it's too massive. It's black with a cream or something embroidery; quite nice looking), the lesson with B. (aforementioned), and the interviews! The lesson with B. went great, and we're looking forward to teaching her as time goes on. She doesn't seem like a fast conversion person, but who knows, with God all things are possible! I'm excited to start teaching her. Then.. We went to the interviews! Everything went smoothly, and they both passed. Obviously, from the baptism pictures that I've sent. Anyway, it was great! We had a small PEC meeting with the bishop, and then we went home. That night we got a surprise visit from Elders Hinckley and Hodges, the Tarkwa Zone Leaders! They were sleeping at the Julanders before going to the Finish Strong Seminar the next morning. [President Stevenson describes this on his blog, it was a special event for the 60 missionaries going home within the next three months, to encourage and inspire them to finish strong.] They played a round of Scum (card game) with us and then went upstairs.

Friday. The meeting! Elder Barlow was awesome and came over and made French toast for that morning. It was so wonderful, and he made syrup, too! We really enjoyed. :) Then we all went to Cape Coast. We arrived there around 12, ate lunch, mingled, and had a great meeting! It was inspirational, and I was encouraged to work hard. Woohoo! Then we had another long ride back home. It was a really good day, though it's hard to think of anything to say about it.. Oops! The day got me exhausted, but it encouraged us to have more energy! It was funny like that. ;) 
MTC Mates (missing one or two in this photo)
The next day. Chapel cleaning and the baptism! That's a pretty good summary of the day. Oh, and I got a video of Elder Johnson saying that the Chargers are the best (he lost a bet). :D Anyway. The baptism actually went smoothly! We didn't have as many people at the baptism as we had hoped, but it wasn't too bad. Light [power] also went off right before it! But then it came on right as we were starting. :) It turned out great, and I could feel the spirit and everything cool like that! People are changing their lives, and it's great! It was a fun day, the highlight obviously being the immersion of the two, Al. and An.!

Sunday was good, too, and both came early and were confirmed just fine for Sacrament meeting. The Julanders came to the ward, too, and bore their departing testimonies to Sekondi ward. It made me sad. But at least we still have another month with them. After everything in the day, we ended up teaching a lesson to Alice, with her mother, Emma, and her father, Brother Hanson, all present. It was such a great lesson, and we talked about patriarchal blessings at the beginning, but then we talked about how awesome the priesthood is and we all shared testimonies about it. It was a really cool lesson, and I'm so happy that I've been able to work with this family. :) After that we closed and played games with the other elders, and Elder Barlow made us chips out of sliced up cassava! It was interesting, but tasty! Fun night!

Today we had a zone activity: Vienna Beach! It was a SWEET activity, full of games and some nice food. The place was a really nice area, beautiful, and it was fun to run on the beach a little bit. Something sad happened, though.. I lost my Frisbee. :( We were throwing it around, and then it went into the water.. and started to float away.. And kept going. I went after it, but I quickly realized that I couldn't go any further without swimming, so I had to come back. :( We asked a nearby guy to go and swim after it, but it was too far out for his swimming ability.. Ah, few times on mission I have been frustrated about the rule of no swimming, but today was one! Plus, the water there was actually really beautiful. So it was quite sad. But we still had fun and we played some two hand touch football and had fun! I got a cheeseburger there, too. :) A great day, today! Everything has been going on well! My subsistence (barely) held over, and everything is okay. Thank you for the great email this week, I really liked it! 

I love you all so much, and I still know that this work is directed by Him above. I hope that you have a great week, and do good things!


Elder Price
Activity at Vienna Beach
Elder Price and Elder Johnson at Vienna Beach
"The wonderful Elder and Sister Julander :) "
[I love this photo so much!]

Bonus photos:
"Cesspit Emptier"

Balloon Chargers Bolt and Chargers colored ties
Showing his love for the his team--the bolt, the jersey, Charger color ties, and his African shirt made in Chargers colors. Elder Johnson photobombing. :)

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