08 June 2015

Making Memories

Dear Family,

Hello! Happy 8th of June, 2015! Is today significant at all, though? I don't really know. But anyway, it's great to hear from you once again! First, a couple thoughts on your email this week: Okay, okay, I do read them, I just chose not to comment on those jokes.. though I did show all the elders in the cafe the funny picture. :D  Your email was awesome! I loved the story about the new mission president for Liberia!

WHOAH MY FLIGHT PLANS. O.o Crazy. That'll be a long flight.. around 25 hours cumulative. [We received his return travel itinerary. He's currently scheduled to arrive home on September 18th.]

So this week had some fun stories! First, Tuesday. Tuesday is when we passed by a monkey! It's in our area, but we normally don't pass by that way. We happened to, so I took a bunch of pictures! :D 

Also, as we were walking through part of our area, we passed a lady and started talking to her. She was pretty obviously Muslim and we had a nice conversation; she even invited us to visit her at her mosque! I thought that'd be a unique activity. ;)

Wednesday was an exchange! I went with Elder Allen into my area. It was a really great exchange, and we had an amazing lesson with a less active member named R. We had a member with us, Georgina, who was just the perfect person to have for the impromptu lesson. The two just took off and R really opened up. It was so great to feel the spirit there, even though we didn't say too much as missionaries because we don't speak their language. :) We also taught a great lesson with our investigator, B, the one that I said might be a "slow-cooker". Yeah, no. She's doing AWESOME. She read the pamphlet a few times before we came, and had been understanding everything. But that was just the start. Wait a couple days for the really cool stuff. We also saw Alice and her mom, Emma! It was sweet; we taught them about the Articles of Faith and just helped them grow. More on them in a minute, too. ;)

Thursday was a pretty normal day, and we had a really sweet lesson with An. We were sitting with him inside his room, and we looked around and everything was so much cleaner, he had a mosquito net hanging neatly over his bed with his sweet little daughter on the bed, he was clean cut and wearing very good clothes, and then he proceeded to talk to us about how some of his old friends had visited him and looked at him and said that he's changed so much and then left his room without him having to reject them. His whole demeanor and countenance have changed, and he's so great. More later. :)

Friday.. Was quite the day. It started off with the zone meeting. Some good instruction there! But I was disappointed that the zone leaders forgot to grab packages and such when they went to Cape Coast, so now we have to wait a long time for them. This frustrated me quite a bit because the office elders called me on Tuesday telling me that Meet the Mormons was here for me (and venting about how they wanted to steal it..)! Well, I guess I'll just wait for it to eventually get to this side of the mission. [Deseret Book will ship directly to Ghana, so I ordered him the Meet the Mormons DVD online, shipped directly to him via the mission office.] 

After that we decided to go to one of our favorite rice and chicken places. They were out of chicken, so we decided to go to this new one that we had only seen. We get in there and we ask the price. It's a cedi more than what it normally is at a decent place [that's about 25-30 cents US], but after some discussion we decide to order it anyway, hoping that it's good and worth it. Well, they bring out the plates and there's nothing nice with the rice, no lettuce, no mayo, no anything by it. So that's disappointing. I did my best to be content. So I started eating my chicken. One bite. Yum! Second bite. As I'm pulling the chicken away from my mouth, there happens to be around 7 maggots squirming inside the chicken that I just opened, right there, tucked between the bone and the meat. It was such a wonderful sight, one that caused me to immediately spit out EVERYTHING in my mouth onto the plate, and nearly throw the chicken. We proceeded to be quite frustrated, and I went and drank a coke. Somewhere else. Not there. Blahhhhhh. :P (that's a far from normal thing here. All the people I've told that story, members and missionaries alike, have all said that it's terrible and nasty. Memories, right? ;))

As we were coming home from that fiasco, we noticed that it started to rain. Wonderful! So we got out of the trotro and hid underneath a bus stop thing with two small umbrellas to cover all four of us. It was working somewhat well until it started to rain sideways. The wind was strong! We finally found a place to sit inside, a nearby shop, and waited for quite a while. It ended up raining the entire day, and we weren't able to go out, unfortunately. It was also CRAZY cold. I was wearing socks, jeans, thick shirt, my jacket, and wrapped up in a sheet. The other elders said I was crazy. :)

Saturday was a good day! We started off the day going to a member that had called and asked for a blessing, but then we went and taught B again! And what a wonderful lesson that was! We brought the Relief Society President with us, Sister Zwennes, and B committed to coming to church! We also had a couple other great lessons, and finally another one with Emmanuel. :) Since he's been baptized, he's received a nice job, been given a nice car from that company, and is just doing well! He's also been able to help another member around get a job at the same place, and now they are the managers at this soon to open import store! We'll go there sometime before I'm transferred. :)

Okay, now here's the really awesome day: Sunday!!! It was Fast and Testimony Sunday, and so that means everyone could bear their testimonies. A few people were among those "everyone": Emma, with the sweetest testimony about a priesthood blessing she had received, An., with a testimony about how he didn't know any of these commandments like the Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, but that he has now changed his life and found happiness in his life, and Benjamin, giving his first testimony in the church about his journey here and such powerful moments of his life and being able to join this church. It was pretty incredible. I felt so sad thinking about how that might be my last Fast Sunday in this ward. I don't want to ever leave this area. :) Also, B came to church, and she had a GREAT time. :)

After church we went and visited a member, Bernice, who then took us to visit her neighbor, a lady who we had given a blessing to some time ago. We had blessed the woman because she was VERY pregnant; the baby is born now! She showed us the cute little baby boy, and we will have a couple people to teach now from this. It was so cool to see the effect that the blessing had on this woman's spirit and feelings, especially having gone successfully through labor and everything working out. A guy sitting there also told us that he wants us to teach him, that he has a Book of Mormon, and he REALLY wants to learn. He also mentioned that he "sees something around [us] that [we] might not see", and he described that he feels this light around us. That was a pretty neat thing for him to say. :)

The week's been good. I'm out of time, but I hope you enjoyed this week's letter! I love you so much. Have an amazing week. :)


Elder Price

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