29 June 2015

Goodbye Sekondi

Dear Family,


I'm sorry I missed [emailing] last week. Dumb cafe. Well, internet access is more limited now, in some ways, but in other ways it's really good. I'm currently emailing from the Hanlons' apartment because there isn't any other good way to email up here. Interesting, right? [the Hanlons are a senior missionary couple serving in his zone]

This week has honestly been one of the longest ones of my mission. That's also probably compounded with the fact that I didn't really get to report about last week's adventures. Well, they're in the past, this week is full enough as it is--some big changes and a lot of things to describe.

Monday was spent buying some things and preparing to leave. I bought a couple Twix bars to keep me satisfied up here in Praso. Too bad I only have one of those left.

Tuesday was a fast day. I'll be honest, I cried a couple times. That morning we did our studies and everything, and as I was giving the closing prayer for our last companion study, I gotta admit, it wasn't easy.

We went to district meeting; that was a really good one. I said goodbye to the wonderful district. Thoughts on leaving my district were.. Well, I learned so many things during my time in Sekondi. I may have spent a while there, but there was a reason for me to be there; there were things I needed to learn during each transfer, month, week, and day. And I did learn. I'm so grateful for the time I spent in Sekondi.

Elders Price, Allen, Barlow
Johnson, Hanson, Pohahau

We first went to visit some members, success! We went to visit Br., and she took us up to visit with her uncle. Her uncle then proceeded to explain to us that he's not comfortable with her being baptized and becoming a member. Bummers. He did it in a really kind and caring way, acting as the patriarch of the house that he is. She told us after the meeting that she's confident that after a couple visits that he'll warm up and permit her to be baptized. She's strong, just a roadblock that will eventually work out.

We then visited Akua, and she was so nice. I was really sad to be in the Asante home for the last time, but it's part of the work. They gave me a really nice gift of a shirt, and I already miss them.

We had a farewell gathering at the chapel for both me and Lancelot, the member who is leaving (has left) for his mission. It was really good. Good memories.

That evening we went up to the Julanders and sang a version of their birthday song that they sing to the elders. I played the guitar and we sang "goodbye goodbye Julanders..." to them. :) It was great.

Then packing. Lots of it.

Sad face [and this mom is wondering "where did he get that pillowcase?"]
Elder Johnson monitoring luggage
Elder Johnson and Elder Price
Then moving. Into a trotro with all my stuff, and off to Praso.
Long ride. Cramped spaces. Completely exhausted.

I arrived to Elder Keetch's stuff still there. Why? His parents are picking him up this week! So I'm actually in a threesome. But it's been impossible to unpack.. Well, it's not too much of a pain. It's cool to have him around!

The next few days have been a rush. New people, chickens pecking at my sandals during lessons, and some sweet new investigators. It's not too bushy, there are some paved roads and it's a nice area! I'm looking forward to it, and Elder Etim is a great guy.

I received a package..The Hanlons brought it to me, and I actually said it wasn't mine. No note, no nothing. I didn't believe it was for me; it didn't have my name on it. But it turns out that it's from the Julanders. I knew it right as I saw the subwoofer. Man.. That gift touched my heart. I love them.

Well, I don't have too much time for any more stories for this week. Church is back into a small makeshift sort of building, not as bad as my first chapel on mission, but it's hard to compare to Sekondi.

This is where I'm supposed to be, but change isn't easy. I love Sekondi, and I love the people there. I'm just going to work to let my heart love even more people and places! I'm actually going to be playing the piano for this branch, now, so that will be an adventure. :) Do good things!

Elder Price

P.S. Two districts of 8 people each. Only 16 people in the zone. VERY spread out, however. I'm the only American in this apartment once Elder Keetch leaves. Also, I'm glad that I had some transfers between being a zone leader in LIB and being a zone leader here. It definitely helped the transition.

Bonus Photos:

"Note the baby holding a live bird"

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