06 July 2015

Fufu with a Seventy

Hello! :)

I'm on today, once again! I'm counting my blessings each week as I email here. I know this is only the second time [emailing from Praso], but I'm glad everything has been working well.

As for my week, there's SO much to share! So much that I think I'm only gonna share the bullets that I wrote down!

Tuesday: District meeting! It was a rather funny district meeting, we had a quiz instruction! It was a nice one, and Elder Keetch was the moderator with the questions. My team was the one on the left in the picture I sent you. Well, we won through our cunning. ;) We were losing so bad, but then the last question was a cool one where you can bet your points (up to all of yours) to receive double if you get it right or lose those if you get it wrong. Well, we had no idea of the answer. So we bet 0. The other team bet a ton, and missed the question, so we ended up winning! :D

We then had the first leg of the trip to Cape Coast. That night we traveled there and slept at the Assistants' apartment. A/C, hot water, everything. It was pretty neat! The cake they made that night was a nice addition, too. :) The ride was so long and bumpy, it was nice to have some comforts.

Wednesday: MLC-Mission Leadership Council! It was good. Elder [Von] Keetch's part was really great too, and it was a good meeting. I enjoyed it. :) 

[By way of explanation, Elder Price's letter talks about two different Elder Keetch's. The Elder Keetch whom Elder Price has been serving "in a threesome" with while waiting for parents to arrive is the son of Elder Von G. Keetch. In April 2015, Elder Von Keetch was sustained as a General Authority and member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. Having a General Authority in your midst is a pretty exciting thing.]
Mission Leadership Council, with President and Sister Stevenson and Sister and Elder Keetch in the front row.
Elder Price with Sister and Elder Keetch
After everything we traveled home. Just as long, and I was so tired. We made it back and taught Da.! It was a really great lesson about the priesthood and the Book of Mormon. We had to teach him so thoroughly, his questions are great.

Thursday: We had a good day, weekly planning, and then fufu with a Seventy. Definitely a highlight for me. :) It was sweet. We were at Th.'s house, the one with the kids and the balloons [later in the letter] (the balloons were on Sunday afternoon). 
"Eating fufu with a General Authority. So sweet. :)"
We also enjoyed a great fireside that evening in Hemang! Though the light went off in the middle of it, it was great to have another instruction from Elder Keetch. Following the fireside, I went with Elder Seaman for an exchange!
"The fireside in Hemang with Elder Keetch"
Friday: Well, it started with a problem in the pipe from the shower of the Hemang apartment, and.. We took bucket baths out in the outdoor washrooms! They're not exactly the most sanitary or private of places, but we hung a shower curtain and the only thing above the little cement outdoor stall was my head, so it wasn't bad. Don't worry, I wore slippers. :) The exchange went well, and Elder Seaman and I had a fun time talking about television shows, namely Dr. Who. It was a good day! I came across this ancient hymnbook. Okay, not too ancient. Grandma and Grandpa may have used it when they were little kids. :) It was a good day!
"View from the apartment in Hemang"
Saturday: We had a meeting with the District Presidency, the high councilors, and the branch presidents (the one who came). It was a really good meeting, though, and some important problems were addressed. That was mostly the day. We went and taught some lessons, too, so everything was good. One of the only days I really had to teach in my area, and there was STILL a meeting! Oh, and to celebrate the occasion [Fourth of July], I made hotdogs with sliced bread and some canned hotdogs that a place nearby sells. They tasted almost kinda somewhat like hotdogs back home. Enough to remind me of real hotdogs. :)
4th of July celebration
Sunday: I played the piano for the first time EVER in sacrament meeting! I came prepared with four hymns to play for sacrament meeting. It went well! None of our investigators came to church. Just one guy from a far place away who visited for the first time and had a good experience. Well, back to the piano: the other branch proceeded to ask me to play for them. Unfortunately for me, I had no idea how to  play those hymns.. But I made it through, and they didn't sound too bad. :) The day was good, and I gave some balloon animals to Th.'s kids. They had so much fun playing with them. We also had our weekly amazing and massive fufu from Maame Alice. That's about it! The week was a very busy one, but amazingly enough I don't feel too exhausted! :D
"I made balloons for Th's little boys. One boy isn't there, he went to play football. :) They loved them."
"I changed the dogs to swords. :) "
I'm feeling good. I love you all so much! I'm praying for Rikki; I can't believe it's already been that long [his sister is 38 weeks along with her pregnancy]

Have an amazing week. Do good things! :) I will admit that I'm slowly realizing how short the time is and thoughts of seeing all of you again are sweet, but I've been trying to turn those thoughts and feelings to a greater desire to serve harder for this last bit. I know He'll prepare everything.

I love you so much.


Elder Price

Answers to our questions from last week:

[what’s the story behind the girl carrying a live bird while on her mother’s back?] 
So, there was just a bird with a hurt wing at the chapel, and someone picked it up. Then it eventually was just handed to the baby and the baby just kept holding it. :) 

[The photo of the rooster?] The rooster was nothing. It was right by the monkey from a long time ago. A nice looking rooster. Yummy. I wish I had the chance to eat it.

[More fowls there than Sekondi?]
Naw... I think it's about the same amount of chickens. Maybe a little bit less. Well, there's just goats and chickens everywhere, I don't know if it's different between Sekondi and Praso. :)

[If you’re playing the piano, will you have a chance to practice much?] 
Yeah, the branch is allowing me to keep the keyboard at the apartment to practice. :) It's has a nice bag that makes it convenient! More on the playing of the piano later.

I don't have any pics yet of the outside of the [new] apartment. We live on the top floor of a house. It's nice! No massive hill to climb before reaching the apartment!

[Settling in?]
I actually feel a lot more settled than before. Elder Keetch's stuff is gone, so I'm finally unpacked. I even put the glow in the dark snakes up on the ceiling finally!
"My room!"

His companion, Elder Etim

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