13 July 2015


Dear Family,

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, because I'm not sure how much I'll write for this week. There aren't really as many eventful stories to tell. We'll see how it goes, though, right? :)

So, to go through the week...

Monday (last week): After emailing, we played football with the Praso district members! It was fun. That night we hosted the Dunkwa elders in our apartment. Why? Because:

Tuesday was our zone meeting! It went well, and I don't really know what to say about it. Before the meeting we went to pay a bill. Well, when we were going to grab the bill to pay it, we couldn't find it! We had no idea where it was. Elder Etim went to go look for it, and I had no idea. I said a prayer, and 10 seconds later he comes in with it in his hand. It had been put into the trash!!! He cleaned it off and everything was successful. Just like the meeting. The meeting was made more successful with the cookies that the Hanlons brought. :) That was the most meaningful part of the day. There really wasn't much else done, though we taught a lesson.

Wednesday: We had an exchange! I went with Elder Akudago into my area. That was the first time I led my area, so I knew I wasn't the most knowledgeable of it, but things went well! It was interesting to have my companion translating the lessons. We did have success in having 5 lessons! It was a good day, and several new investigators. :)  [Elder Akudago is from Ghana, having spent most of his life in Kumasi]
Elder Akudago! 
Thursday: teaching! That's what we did. We had our weekly planning, and then we taught people. Another 5 lesson day, and a couple more new investigators. :) Hopefully they can all start progressing soon.

Friday: I WENT TO NUAMAKROM! I was very happy about that. We cover that branch, but it's so far away. Elder Loader and Elder Allen were there together way back when, but now it's a closed area because of lack of progression. We went there with Elder Hanlon! It was a pretty place, but not very busy. I can understand why it's a once a week thing, but I do hope that we can at least support the members out there. That was about it for the day. We didn't have much other success. It's about a 30 minute drive on a dirt road to get there, by the way. There's a branch out there, and even one PAST that.
"We went to Nuamakrom! It was a beautiful place."

Saturday: We had a few lessons, and they were really good! It was a long day, but it was filled with talking to people and being out. Felt good. :) We had one lesson with a woman named El., who is a long time Catholic, and the spirit was so strong as we explained the restoration and tenderly but firmly testified of the things we know to be true. It was neat, and we got the Book of Mormon involved, so I'm hoping that she'll recognize the spirit that was present. That was about it for Saturday. :)

Sunday consisted of church, playing the piano a ton, and other good things. The piano stuff: I learned the name of what I'm doing! The back of the children's songbook calls it "chording". That's what I've been doing. It's the easy way out. :) It helps, especially because I don't know all the hymns at all! So it was good. I taught a member, Asante, some basic music things. He wants to learn to play the piano, so this is what I made him!
Piano Lesson
Oh, and we taught a great lesson to another new investigator, did a couple zone leader things, ate fufu, and closed the day. It was a good week.

This Monday: We played football on a really really nice field made of a puzzle piece outdoor material with really nice basketball hoops and stuff. It was at the Forever Young (member owned) school in Hemang. I had fun playing basketball, too, but we mostly played football. They had handball nets that work as football goals, so it was a good set up! I scored a couple times. :)

That's how things are going. The feelings are intensifying as the time grows shorter, and I lay awake in bed this morning thinking about those things and how much I already miss some of my areas (notably Sekondi), though I'm learning to love Praso and the people here. I just occasionally realize that I will never experience this again, even if I come back. I gotta push forward and harder until I don't have anything else to give.
I really do know that this work is true.

Have a great week. I love you all. Rikki, take the classic hospital baby pictures and send them to me. :)


Elder Price

Bonus Photos:
"We had a crazy rainstorm, and the sky looked really interesting right before it hit."

Plenty of nature shots this week. :)

 Apartment pics:
The "leaving the apartment" pictures

Apartment fun. :)
Elder Etim and Elder Price

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