27 July 2015

Amazing Prepared People

Dear Family,

I'm an uncle!!! But the cooler thing is: RIKKI'S A MOM!!!! Crazy talk! :) July 23rd.

My week has been pretty interesting, but I forgot to write down notes, so here goes!
"Yes, I washed all of those shirts. All mine. Maybe I won't have to wash many more times until I use a washing machine again! ;)"
Tuesday: Well, no district meeting. We taught a ton of great lessons. NEW AWESOME PERSON! M. She's wonderful, speaks so intelligently (with such AMAZING English, truly), and we introduced our message. We saw her again later in the week and taught fully the Restoration, and it was pretty great to see her comprehend the message we were sharing. We have high hopes for her, though she is busy for this week. We taught several other lessons, too, and it was a good day.
"Random shot of us during the day... no real point to it, and not the best looking, but that's us!"
Wednesday: We visited brother Eb. for the first time! We had contacted him on Tuesday, and we visited on Wednesday. As we were welcomed into his home, we invited his wife to join us, and we had a sweet lesson. We had a couple more lessons with them throughout the week, and we can determine that they are progressing quite well already and that the spirit is real. Normally we don't teach too deep when we are there for the first lesson, but in this case we felt prompted to immediately start testifying about eternal families and marriages and the like. Spirit wo ho! in other words, the spirit was quite present. :) And that evening the Assistants came over!

Thursday: We had our interviews with President Stevenson! It was a good day, and I enjoyed my interview. Strange to think about how it was my last normal scheduled one, but it was a good one. 
"Elder Garry! Yeah, Elder Garry ​was telling me about how Uncle Ryan was his Spanish teacher. He's up in Dunkwa. My zone!"
Praso District (from Pres. Stevenson's blog)
Elder Akudago with Elder Price
The meeting went well, too, and we went and taught a lesson afterwards while waiting for the meeting of the Dunkwa district to end so that the Assistants could come proselyte with us. Well, during that time, we went to visit an investigator named Em. She was busy, but her husband was around! So we taught him. He had some interesting concerns and preconceived notions, but we could see that he was a wonderful guy and welcomed us. More on him later: his name was To. After a while we had the assistants with us, and we split up and taught. I went with Elder Halversen and Elder Nklaahtgosi (or something of that nature... To all those from Botswana, please forgive me! He was there because he was going with the assistants that evening to Cape Coast that evening) to see Eb. and his wife again. Well, Eb. wasn't around, so we taught Su.! It was such a great lesson, again. :) After everything, we had a meal from Theresa with all five of us.

Friday: We didn't have quite as successful of a day, but we did manage to have a good weekly planning and a good lesson with Da., so it wasn't a bad day at all. :) I wasn't feeling the best, the reason for that I do not know, but we made it through.

Saturday: We were trying to have the District Coordination Meeting which, eventually, was postponed a day, so we spent quite a bit of time at the chapel. We visited To. at his work place: he does electrical work! He has gone deep and has studied many things. During our conversation he showed us some of his work, and he's making his own inverter to charge large batteries for a power bank in his home! It was a really sweet conversation, and I was reminded that I like those things. :) We visited Eb. and his wife in the evening, and we had such a great lesson! Those two are so wonderful.

Sunday: Well, we had batteries for the piano, so I played for everything. I'm getting better! I still simply do chording for the hymns, but I'm starting to do chording for the normal hymnbook with most hymns. We also had our meeting with the district, and everything went well. The afternoon was good, too, and we taught To. at his home about the Book of Mormon. Another great lesson. This week was full of those. Amazing, prepared people!

Today: We got subsistence and hung around the apartment with no water because the electricity is off. :) Don't worry, we're managing. It'll be on (hopefully) this evening.

Everything is going well here, however nothing too crazy. My companion keeps telling me how good dog tastes, but I can't agree. Okay, I can agree, but I don't feel like trying it again (since Elmina). ;) As far as miracles here, all those new people. We fasted last week for the specific progression of some people, and although those people haven't progressed much, we have some new people who miraculously fell out of the sky and are progressing. It's crazy to think that we're going into the last week of the transfer already, but I guess that's how this works. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Say hello to Adara for me. :) I love you!!!

Elder Price
"The branch made food... it was cool. "
"Meat pies! :) There's a bit of meat, onions, and other spices in it."

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