20 July 2015

Scripture Baby

Dear Family,

So, the week! But I should preface the email with the fact that this week wasn't the greatest, so I don't know what I have to write about. [and with that, he proceeds to write another entertaining letter.]

Tuesday was spent trying very hard to teach people, and then I went to Hemang to be with Elder Bolabasaga for the next day! That brings me to Wednesday. We had an interestingly uneventful but in its own way eventful day. We fetched water from a well for our baths, brought in SO MANY bags of sachet water, and SO MANY 5 gallon jugs of water into the apartment, and these things all because Hemang doesn't have any flowing water! I think they still don't, actually. Some problem with the local water. 
"Fetching bathing water!"
We also hung around the apartment while waiting for a repair guy to come work on something else in their apartment. When all was said and done, we finally got out and I did a baptismal interview for them. Then we went and Elder Bolabasaga went and did an interview for the other elders. Then I came home! Ahem, I went back to the Praso apartment. It's home enough for me, now. ;)

Thursday. We tried to teach more people, and we got a lesson! Same thing on Friday, except the one guy we got was a complete drunk, sooooo... we shared things to help him. It was actually pretty depressing to see how enslaved he was to alcohol. I hope he finds his way to the path of soberness. It made for a crazy lesson, however!

Saturday had an amazing lesson with K., our progressing investigator. We taught him the first bit of the Plan of Salvation, and he just stopped us during it and said, "Does that mean I can become like God?" It was really cool. :) He also took time after everything we taught, after he understood it, to explain to all of his children who were also gathered around. A unique thing for me, and it was awesome. :) We also attended the baptism for Hemang that afternoon! We actually spent part of the day trying to find some way to fill the font. And we managed to do it! Hooked up a hose to a pipe, the normal. ;) We also got free lunch when we were at the chapel trying to do that from the YSA who happened to have some devotional as we were filling the font. AND we got free banku from some people who we're trying really hard to start teaching, but they're always busy. Friendly, though! And I bought three mangos that evening. It dawned on me that I can't get fresh mangos in Utah, so I'm going to be eating a lot of those for the next weeks!

Sunday was Nuamakrom's Branch Conference; we wanted to attend, but we couldn't. So we came to Praso! Half the branch went to Nuamakrom, it seemed like. I taught Sunday School! :) That went well. We also had a really awesome guy just come to church! We had never met him before, but he's the coworker with the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency, so he visited! I hope we can see him. Unfortunately, K. couldn't come to church, but we think next week will be the week.

This morning we played football (please, just translate football to soccer. I'm tired of writing both. :P :)) on a really nice full grass field! An investigator of the other Praso elders came, and he's really good, so it made for an interesting match. He was on my team, along with Elder Etim and Elder Akudago. We faced the team of Elder Naivanawalu, and 3 members or locals. I know one is a strong member, I think another one is, and the 3rd I wasn't quite sure. But I think they all were! We had a great game, and I got 2 hattricks: 6 goals. :D Okay, admittedly, Elder Etim and Bro. Boafo or whatever his name is and however you spell it, really contributed to me getting so many goals, but, as Elder Etim put it: "The other team really did great in making you look like you're great at football!" It was a really entertaining activity, though Hemang couldn't come. We won. It was nice. :)

I'm doing well! Interviews are this week! Hopefully things go well. :) I love you all so much. It's hard not to remember how much time I have until I see you, but at the same time I'm happy that I still can do more out here.


Elder Price

"my scripture baby. ;) "
"Our nearly daily breakfast: Fresh bread (really fresh! mmmmm) and porridge/cocoa.
It's not cocoa-ey so I don't know why they call it that."
"Our apartment from really far away! The white building."

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