21 October 2013

One Month In

Dear President,
This week has been good. The exchange was great, and I learned a lot from Elder Pearmain. My companion and I have been blessed in our area by Bong Man's bridge; the people there are very receptive, and we find ourselves being called over to talk to people often. I'm becoming more comfortable with talking to people here, and I am starting to talk in a way that the people here can understand. Although my speech can't always be understood, the improvement is definitely a blessing. [we learned later that it's "Bong Mines Bridge."]

My companion and I have been working more in unity this past week. I'm continuing to try to learn as much as I can.

We had a baptism this week, which makes two in a row. The branch is very supportive in helping us to have people to teach and in bringing more people to the church. We're trying to work closely with them, and we are starting to see improvement. Each day is busy, and it is rewarding to see these wonderful people draw closer to Christ.

Elder Price

^^^ My weekly letter to the pres.

Hi, family!

I have yet to receive anything from home, physically. I'm hoping each day for letters. [they are all stuck in the mail somewhere]

The Berretts are great; they're over the Bushrod Island zone! They sometimes bring our letters, sometimes it's a different guy.

Answers for this week:
[Christmas gift ideas/needs--it's time for us to send him something if he is to have any chance of receiving it by Christmas)] I don't know what I'd want, honestly. It's hard to think about that, I'm not sure. Ties! I could always use more ties, I've noticed. I also like food... Candy... And a grand piano. Not the skimpy baby grands. A. Full. Size. Grand. ;)

[Photos] I'm glad you were able to see some! I do need a camera case. I've been looking a little bit here for one, but I do need one. The belt ones are pretty cool! And yes, my hair. I've already started brushing it backwards like I used to at home!

[Laundry] We have a lady do some of our laundry, but I also do some of it in buckets. The plunger is good for getting all of the laundry a little bit, but I use a washboard for the rest of it.

[The Work]  Hm... This week we taught 16 lessons all together. There are a lot of investigators though, approaching 20.

I walk pretty far. I really have no idea how far it really is. This area is a pretty densely populated area, however, so I think I'll be walking more in later areas.

[Cooking] Just a bit. Eggs in the morning. Sometimes I help cook the dinner, which is pasta and a stew of beans, hotdogs, and tomato paste.

I think the doxy is making me REALLY tired. Nothing too weird that I've noticed.
Nothing very new this week! We had exchanges, as you saw from my letter to the president, and that was really fun! I'm becoming better friends with the other guys here and even the people. The talking is crazy, and I'm working hard to pick it up.

I'm trying my hardest to be a better missionary, and I can see some improvements. I pray for you all back home so much, and I'm so excited when I hear about Rikki's wedding, the Halloween stuff, and everything! I can't wait to find out where Dean is called.

The days go by really oddly here. Sometimes they're super fast, sometimes they're really slow, but always, it gets to be Friday, and the week is already gone.

Oh, here's a story! The little kids here are starting to learn my name, so they always come up to me and are super awesome! Also, we had another baptism this week. A lady named Fatu. I did the confirmation for her!

The binding on my scriptures has really been a problem this week: it's falling apart. I superglued them this morning, and I'll see how well that works. Hopefully it does the job! It looks so far that it fixed it, but time will tell. A problem was the binding had glued itself together before where it is supposed to be loose in order for it to have some bend room, and I fixed that a few days ago, but the effects of it were still there. I'm being told to study my scriptures a TON and use them a crazy amount in lessons here. A little more than I would comfortably use them while teaching, but my companion is pretty aggressive with the scriptures, if that makes sense.

[I shared the following with him, from our Sacrament meeting yesterday: Bishop Smith spoke. He talked a lot about callings within the ward and the prayerful consideration that goes into each calling that’s extended and the importance of being set apart for your calling and things like that. The part I wanted to share with you was the scriptures part. He started with Moses 6:31, then went from there. I liked it because it immediately made me think of you and the "importance of your voice." Verse 32 says, "… Go forth and do as I have commanded thee, and no man shall pierce thee. Open thy mouth and it shall be filled, and I will give thee utterance, for all flesh is in my hands and I will do as seemeth me good." It continues with a  bunch of other really good stuff. Go read it when you have time.]  I really like that. I wrote down that scripture. I've been trying to rely on my faith and Him to be able to do all of this.

I'm doing my best out here... I'm a month out now!
I love you all, and hearing from you means so much each week.

Elder Price

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