31 October 2013

More from Liberia

From a handwritten letter, dated 14 Oct 2013, received 31 Oct 2013:

Dear Family,

     I'm an official big boy legit missionary! The work here is pretty fruitful. As you already know, I had my first baptism! His name is Othello M. He had been taught by many missionaries, and he reached the point where he just wanted to be baptized already, so I was fortunate enough to perform the baptism.
     The life here is weird feeling. It's busy, and I'm always tired, but as far as living conditions go, I'm in one of the nicest apartments. We have electricity, we have pressured water, we have a lady who does our laundry (except socks and G's), and everything we need to buy is close. The amount of insects in this apartment is insane, and ants are really annoying, but we don't have rats!
     Apparently Point Four and New Kru Town (my district) are known as the ghetto slums of Liberia. I understand why as I am proselyting. The people live with nothing. The physical conditions of the ground is crazy, as Point Four includes a beach (rain boots are an absolute must due to the deep flooded "roads" we walk though) and a marshy area.
     I'm doing fine out here in Liberia. I love walking around and seeing everything. This place is so different, but it's going to become so normal. I'm glad I brought one picture of our house, because we really have an amazing life.
     I know I'll be home in a couple years, trying to wrap my head around life there. My time here is temporary, their time here is permanent. Some of these people really want to come to the U.S., but they can't, and they probably never will.

Here are the people around here in the apartment and in Liberia:
Elder Zaugg & Elder Humpherys - Zone Leaders (building mates!)
Elder Pentreath & Elder Skouson - APs
Elder Pearmain & Elder Estigoy - Apartment mates! (Pearmain - district leader)
Elder Bowring & Elder Guymon - (building mates)
Elder Erickson & Branch missionary - (building mates)
Elder and Sister Berrett - Senior Couple for Bushrod Island (me!)
That's most of us that I deal with!

This is an adventure. I love the little kids here. They are adorable.
The work goes on and I'm doing my best.

I love you all back home, and I think about you guys. I keep a family picture in my scripture case. I'm getting a lot better on homesickness; I really enjoy being out and about. I hope you're all safe and healthy!

Elder Makani Rain Price

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