14 October 2013

Storms, Monkeys, Demonstrations, and a Baptism

Hello, Family!

We had to stay inside one of the days this week because of "Demonstrations" against the Liberian president in Point 4 and New Kru Town (my district)! [One person said] that if the UN [peacekeeping troops]  left now, Monrovia would fall within 3 hours. People would come from the bush and take it. [While this is hearsay, you can read more about what the US Dept of State says concerning travel to Liberia here]

We ran out of water one day! No big deal, a person came and refilled our tank (luckily, the same day. Usually it takes a few days.)

There was a huge storm with lightning and the Liberian rainfall, and the lights went out! It was in the evening/night so I was in the apartment. It was cool!

I saw a monkey! I've seen several now...

Nothing too crazy. :)

So, I had my first baptism on Saturday! A man named Othello. He had been taught for a really long time by other missionaries, and I had the privilege of performing the baptism!

[Found photos and a story about this baptism on Brother and Sister Berrett's blog. The generator wasn't working to run the water pump to fill the baptismal font, so the missionaries filled the font by hand]
No water? No problem. Filling the font for Elder Price's first baptism.
We have it on good authority that Elder Price is standing behind the sister in the green hat.
Answers for this week:
Family bakery: Not a whole ton of selection, but one of things is like a big cinnamon roll except it isn't that sort of bread, and it is covered in sugar like a malasada. MmmmMMmmm.

[How close to the beach do you live?]
I live pretty dang close. Point 4 actually has people who live on the beach for most of our investigators (for now, we're moving inwards presently). So much sand, the rainboots are necessary!

[Is the food still good?]
The food is so so so spicy. So spicy. I'm slowly getting used to it, and I can now totally handle the pepe (pronounced pep-ay) when it is super small in the soup. Some of it is good. I can eat fish bones, too! I just decided I was sick of having to pick them out, so I started chewing them. No flavor, but not bad to chew either!

[Are you getting enough to eat?]
I am definitely getting enough to eat. I pretty much choose how much I eat (or I have to eat too much due to members giving us food).

[Are you eating many of your snacks yet?]
I am eating the protein bars... They're good. I also had a box of sour patch watermelons. MMMMmmmm.

[Are you getting used to Liberian dollars?]
I'm getting used to the money, yeah! Everything is really cheap compared to US dollars. 80 LD to 1 USD, and 40-40 (total of 80) for a bike ride [motorcycle taxi] is a pretty decent length. 30-30 is usually what we get.

[How bad is the internet really?]
The internet depends on the place. This one I'm at today is pretty fast, but the one last week was really slow.

[Is your companion teaching you as well as you’d hoped? Still getting along okay?]
My companion and I have some differences, but overall we aren't mad at each other. There are some frustrating things occasionally, but I just don't say anything. We don't joke around big or anything, which is kinda lame. I like jokes. He's following "The First 12 Weeks" for my training, as we're supposed to... it's alright; I'm just gonna stick to what I'm given to do.

[Who's in your apartment?]
So it is my companion, Elder Estigoy (pronounce: estiguey. from the Philippines.), and Elder Pearmain (District Leader).

[Do you want me to send you printed versions of all these emails, too? Or can you print them there?]
I can't really print so well, so it'd be nice to get them in printed versions.

[When you woke up with your face melting from the insecticide, did you turn on the lights? Wash your face? Wake up your companion?]
I didn't turn on the lights, but I woke up my companion and washed my face. It didn't really help...

About Dean having his papers in: That is so so so great! I'm very happy. :) I can't wait to hear where the Lord sends him!!!!

I'm super excited to start receiving those letters! [We're now sending weekly snail mail letters. Click here to see how you can, too]

All that sounds so great. I love hearing all this! Good photo, too. ;) [His reply to my email about stuff at home. I included a lo-res photo in my email to him, see below.]

I sent another letter through the pouch today! I did actually date those, oddly enough... I might start sending weekly ones of those, too. [we received half a dozen handwritten letters last week, in two different envelopes, but they weren't dated, so we had to guess at the order]

I'm getting better with the culture, with everything. I am just trying to improve and take it day by day. The days aren't really too hard or too long. I'm starting to like this. But I still can't understand most people... It's alright though, because I'm still improving.

I love you all!

Elder Price

I would love a weekly WOD for me. I have a jump rope (which has some minor problem with the handle, one handle doesn't swivel super smoothly, I don't know why), a dining room sized area (with a ceiling high enough for the rope), a bench press: the bar has metal gears on it, heavy, but the weight can be adjusted, however the weights are loosely on the bar, so I can't do fast lifts or rest the weight on the ground.
Oh, this computer apparently has a virus on it. I'm glad they let me know. I won't be able to send pictures this week, but they said next week I can. Yay!

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