28 October 2013

Whiteman or Chinaman?

Elder and Sister Berrett's story about filling the font (from Oct 14th's post) was published in Meridian Magazine this week. You can read it here. We were also thrilled that they posted another photo of Elder Price on their blog this week, as we didn't get any others, "So, I plugged the adapter into the computer and the computer went crazy. I hope the pictures on my card aren't corrupted, but I wasn't able to send you any pictures for this week. Sorry!" You can enjoy this photo and story courtesy of Elder and Sister Berrett.
Defenders of the Faith
Typical P-Day:
We wake up and do all our study stuff, we clean, we go email, and wing it from there! Today we're probably going to the beach (for the second time ever here for me). Nothing too crazy! I get to wear comfy clothes!
Weekdays are full of walking around, teaching, walking more, etc. We usually head back to get food for breakfast at 6 and then go to the apartment. We close once we're back at the apartment, which can sometimes take a while because we review the day. Then we have the rest of the night to [hang out], talk, eat, etc!
Saturdays are baptisms, yes, but that only takes the morning. We work even more for the rest of the day!
Sundays are usually pretty slow, especially with my branch's service starting at 12. We only have a couple hours after church to do any proselyting.

Ooooh Halloween! I've been thinking about the house a lot. It's weird not to be there and see it in person. Also, those pictures look all Photoshopped! But again, Dad can't stay out of the media. ;) [our local newspaper published a story and photos on Saturday about Dale's Halloween decorations, you can read about it here]

So, this week I almost wasn't able to email! The money wasn't in the bank for a long time, and it looked like we were going to have to skip this week. Luckily, we were able to get the money.

We had another baptism on Saturday! A girl named Grace. I was the one who did the baptising part.
I'm slowly beginning to be able to handle the pepe, the spiciness. I'm also starting to change my accent! It's pretty forced right now, and they still can't understand me always, but it's definitely an improvement.

It's fun to talk about America with the natives here. There are a lot of comments on me being white, and there are even little kids that start crying when they see me, a white person! There are other kids though that love white people, and they can't tell the difference between a "whiteman" and a "chinaman," so they start imitating Chinese when I'm walking by! Sometimes I have some fun and imitate Chinese back to them.

The rain is definitely insane here, but I like it. It's sad that it's already turning to the dry season.

[His friend Dean was called to the West Indies Tobago mission this week] Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so so so sweet. Congratulations, Dean! We both get hot and sweaty missions! ;) I like how I can see Liberia on that second picture. That's so cool! Really, that's awesome.
Dean's Mission Call-West Indies Tobago English speaking
I'm trying to workout in the mornings, but it's REALLY hard to. I did one workout. the one with squats and 5 rounds. 17:53. I feel so weak. Every morning is exhausting, but we're starting to run in the mornings, and I hope that picks up momentum and actually happens!

All of us here are pretty fast to loosen and take off our ties. I think it's mostly just the whole "extremely freaking high collar" thing that I'm getting used to. [I had shared: "As Ryatt was getting ready for church... I asked him if he wanted to wear a tie or not. He said, "I was planning on it, it feels weird not to wear it now." I’m sure you know that feeling. Are you getting used to wearing a tie every day?"]

[Ryatt's field trip bus broke down on Friday] Buses, in my history, have never been very reliable. But have definitely made some fun band trip memories. Breaking down is when it gets fun!

[Mail update] I received a bunch of dearelders and another one of Ryatt's letters!

[We're putting together a Christmas package to send this week] Things that might be nice to send me: food, ties, another scripture marking multi-colored mechanical pencil, and pictures. I like pictures.... :) Also, food. Surprisingly, redvines really hit the spot. One elder received some in the mail. Apparently foods that I didn't appreciate so much are now super great!

I'm slowly improving, and I'm working hard. I'll just keep working.

I know these experiences here are changing me for the better, and it's amazing that I'm already in the 5th week of my training. I'm definitely going to be a stronger person when I get  home, and this really is a 'rite-of-passage' for our culture. There are hard times, but I know they are making me into the leader that I've been told I will be.

From his letter to his Mission President:
"Our teaching this past week has been more fluid than in previous weeks and I know that's a blessing... I am improving and becoming a more effective missionary, and I'm working hard to keep improving. I know that the Lord is helping me, and I have a new love for the presence of the Holy Ghost in my life as much as possible. We are kept busy, but we're still always trying to be busier."

Elder Price

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