26 December 2013

Christmas Day

We got a phone call from Elder Price at 11:00 on Christmas Day. We got to talk to him for about an hour. Here's kind of what it looked like on our end:
We put the telephone on speaker phone and  then put it in a bowl to make the sound fill the room better. It worked!

We were thrilled to receive this photo from Elder and Sister Berrett. This was taken Christmas Day as the Logan Town elders gathered around their Christmas tree:

Stories from the phone call:
The electricity came back on for a short time on Christmas Eve. They were able to wash dishes with the water pressure they got. They made a "fancy dinner" for Christmas Eve: "potato and mac salad, full of chicken and stuff."

There are a lot of lizards there. He's going to try to get pictures on a p-day.

Sometimes when he's walking through the bush area it smells like Hawaii. We talked about smells for a bit. :-)

One time a monkey tried to eat his companion. Usually the monkey is on a chain when they walk by, but one time it was off the chain and attacked his companion. He said this was the second time his companion has been attacked by an animal. The other time was a dog. This dog would bark at them and then it actually started attacking his companion, even though Rain was only a foot away, The investigator (whose dog it was) wasn't there at the time. Later when she heard about the incident, she felt really bad and told them she was going to sell the dog.

The next batch of new missionaries won't be arriving in Liberia until March.

He also described the spiders to us. Easily 20 in the room at any given time. They leave most of them alone to help keep the mosquito population down, but they killed a rather large one (the size of his hand) with spray. It still looked alive after they killed it, so of course they planted it on Elder Zaugg's desk as a fun surprise.

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