30 December 2013


I loved the phone call so much! Yeah, it made me a little very homesick, but that's alright. I'm better now! And I loved speaking to you all so much. :) Home still sounds like it's awesome! Plus the Chargers: GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should go to the Superbowl this year. Just kidding, that would sorta suck, seeing as I'm out here... But still. It'd be sweet. It's just sweet that they made it into the playoffs! 

Transfer news! I'm staying in Point 4! And... My companion is... Elder Manqana! So we're not changing, except I'm out of training. Elder Pearmain left, and Elder Fairwell is now DL, with Elder Conners as his companion. Yep! Most of our zone stayed the same. 

Baptisms were great! We baptized Clara! 
Slightly stressful at the very beginning because Clara wasn't at the baptism early.. or very on time, either... But she wasn't late! Because we say we start at 10, but we end up starting quite a bit later than that. But it's not like Hawaiian time... It's like, they try to keep the time, except... They don't... It's a weird mixture. But anyway, we baptized Clara, and she's confirmed and all that jazz. [He told us about this upcoming baptism when we talked to him on Christmas Day and he said he also wrote home about it in a handwritten letter.]

New foods... Hm... Popo. Popo is like cantaloupe. but it's not. I tried that!  (hehe, I didn't need spellcheck for cantaloupe. Sweet. because it's like... "can't elope" although that shouldn't help me to be able to spell it, it does.)  I don't remember anything else new for food... Still eating bone and cartilage..

Funny stories... I got a haircut! It's REALLY short. Like, really short. No brushing or anything. It's weird. My head is all round and my ears are huge.
Oh, on Saturday we had an end of year party for our branch! We played kickball and football/soccer. It was funny because I was the only missionary who knew what kickball was (I was the only American). I played football with the Liberians! It was sweet, although I scraped up my elbow and knee. They say I play well! I play defender. Apparently all those soccer camps weren't a waste ;)

Elder Fairwell and I are going to go on a diet this transfer. Heck yeah. Elder Conners I think is going to too... We're gonna pool some money to buy foods and stuff! We're going to lose weight. For Christmas I got this SWEET African bracelet from Elder Guymon. That was really awesome. And I finally ate some of the food in that package! I ate the caramel bugles... I loved those so much. Speaking of packages, I haven't received either of the two packages. I have faith though, they'll come! 

I'm excited for that mail! You probably shouldn't send valuable stuff in envelopes (referring to the microsd card) because it seems like letters don't really get here all that well. I know the packages are taking a while, but I'm more confident about those getting here than the letters. I love the photos! Especially that plaque side-by-side. It's a cool comparison. [I sent him this photo of his Uncle Ryan's Christmas present. Order a plaque for your loved ones directly from Ryan at GoLDS Plaques]
I still keep the Portugal Mission suit pin on my desk [a special gift from his dad], and I didn't realize that Dad left in September as well!  I hope you're all doing well up in freezing Utah. I'm so happy I was able to call you on the phone this week, and it's wonderful each time I get to hear from you! Have a wonderful new year (although I know you guys don't really do anything for that holiday... ;) )! I'm working hard out here, and I'm still getting better! Keep doing good stuff. I love you all.

Elder Price

P.S. Mother's day will come soon enough. Birthday AND Mother's day present!


  1. I lived in Liberia too. I did Peace Corps (a million years ago; before the war started). Anyway, I think the fruit you're talking about is PawPaw. Papaya. I'm just starting to read your blog but very interested. Of course, I got here from your family's blog about how your father waved to you on the school bus.

  2. Thanks Sheree! I'll send Rain a photo of a papaya and see if that's it! :-)