23 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Liberia

Merry Christmas!

We DO get to talk soon! I sent you an email with more of those details in it, but plan on 11 am your time! I'm glad you're putting together some questions...

Yeah, I played [the piano] for the conference! It was really cool. I didn't play it as great as I used to, but I still didn't suck! It was fun to play again. I'm sorry you only have those photos, I'm doing my best to get you some better ones! [I told him that Dale makes fun of the fact that we only have a couple photos of him outdoors--most are in churches or his apartment.]
Bushrod Island Christmas Zone Conference.

Rikki is radioactive! I wrote about that a little in the handwritten letter that's gonna be mailed soon. I love the picture of Rikki as her being glowy! Also, I love that video you attached... That's a REALLY good version of that song. Elder Guymon was like, "CLICK ON IT." It was hilarious. I do miss that song though...  [I copied and pasted our blog post about Rikki's cancer treatment into his email. I included a screenshot of the youtube video that was in the post--Lindsay Stirling and Pentatonix playing Radioactive]

Ry's birthday looks sweet! He's into the double digits!

Oooh the weather sounds nice there [four straight days of snow]... Which leads me into some stories from here!

We haven't had electricity for 4 days now... It used to go out and come back on kinda often, but it just went out and... Never came back on... Gravity isn't pulling the water from the tank very well either, so we haven't had water really either. It's definitely different!

I haven't gotten the box from the ward yet, but I'm hoping it comes today or tomorrow! No smoked salmon or letters or anything either...

Teaching stories: We found out Ma Victoria isn't cohabitating! It was a really sweet experience, because we've been trying to help her figure out the marriage plans, but then we finally just taught the Law of Chastity, and we were able to find out that they aren't actually living together. She committed to living the law of Chastity as well, so she has a higher possibility of being baptized! It's cool. I write more about teaching and investigators in the handwritten letters though...

Strange food: Well, now I'm eating chicken feet and wings (the actual wings) better than before! I just put the whole thing in my mouth and CHEW. It works! Bone is still kinda funky to eat, but I'm getting better at it, especially fish bones. I'm eating the food I get! Oh, we had two FMs (free meal/family meal) within five minutes at the end of our day a couple days ago. We were able to carry the food home in bags and in their dishes, and we ate it! One was this AMAZING potato salad and scallop noodle mac salad... tasted just like home. That one also had a big piece of chicken and a full fish on it. It was a great meal. The other was just greens/casava leaf regular rice stuff (but it was really good too...). I was SO full. We even split it among 5 elders. That first fancy FM was from this member who owns a restaurant, and she's given us some good food (and a referral!).

The motorbikes are still banned past a certain point that is in the middle of my area (Bong Mines Bridge), so we can't take them to get back to the apartment, but we can usually find a bike and cab combo to get us places. 
Miracles... Hm... Getting Clara interviewed for baptism! I wrote about that in my physical letter. Also, we forgot the phone at the church yesterday ('cause we were charging it there), so we had to go back and get it. We were really worried that no one was gonna be at the church, but as we were on the motorbike on the way to the building, we saw our branch president on a motorbike going the other way. What else? He had the phone and charger in his hand. We both stopped our bikes and we got the phone! That was a miracle...
Oh! I finished my training! Woo hoo! The transfer is extended one week though, so no changes until the end of this week. I'm a real missionary now!

I hope you all have an incredible Christmas, and I'll hear from you in a couple days. :) I love you so much.

Elder Makani Rain Price


At 4:17 AM I received a short email, saying (among other things): "I hope you wake up so maybe we can chat small..." I did happen to wake up early and check my email (he usually emails between 5 and 6am). We exchanged a few emails--here are some excerpts:

Mom: So you know, that youtube video link wouldn’t have worked if you clicked on it. Hahaha! It was a screenshot.

Rain: We know. I told him that. That's why it was funny! ;) Your son isn't THAT blonde.

Rain: Oh, here's what I'm doing today: Chilling at the beach. It's gonna be pretty sweet. I'm excited. Just relaxing... It's pretty calming.

I've become a lot stronger of a missionary. I can hold my own in missionary work, and my companion even says I can train someone else. I'm so glad.

Rain: I love you too! I'll talk to you in a few days. It will be a great and memorable experience! Have a funny day!

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