03 December 2013

A Rastafarian

[Letter written 17 Nov 2013, received 3 December 2013]

Dear Family,
So I've been in Liberia for almost two months! It's weird trying to write stories now because so many things are beginning to feel relatively normal. I'm teaching a Rastafarian! Like, a legit one. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and… Wait for it… He has a problem with marijuana! I thought it made sense. Also, he has the full dreadlocks with the red, yellow, and green cap thingy. He's such a great guy though; he's way nice. My investigators are so amazing. We're working at getting people married—especially a woman named K. She wants to get married and become a member so much—she even brought her entire family (besides her "husband") to church today, and it makes so happy whenever any investigators come to church. [sic]
     I'm getting better at being a missionary! I'm trying to be more bold in all missionary stuffs. It's really helping me to teach better and talk at all times better.
     Right now I am… Eating the giant bag of sour patch watermelons… and playing Go Fish… First of all, I really love American food so much here. I really enjoy the Liberian food here, but it really puts me in shark mode. I'm trying not to gain weight though… Really, the whole losing weight thing here has to do with how often you allow yourself to eat and/or sicknesses.
     I'm working on my Coloqua! It's getting better, small small. It's odd to write you physical letters when I'm gonna be writing you all tomorrow. But, this is what's been on my mind: Rikki's wedding! And Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving out here… Is gonna be different. But I try not to think about the differences too much and just enjoy the new! And Rikki's wedding makes me really sentimental… Zakk is my brother-in-law by the time you get this! Woohoo! I'm so happy for them. It's just weird to not be there. So many changes at home… And so many out here! I'm working hard. I'm getting stronger. I'm letting things —criticism—roll right off me. It's a good skill to have! This time has already changed me, and there's more to come! I'm so grateful for all of your support. Each and every one of you; I've thought about each of you. I love you all, and I know the Lord is watching over all of us. God be with you.

Elder Makani Rain Price

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