09 December 2013

First African Funeral


This week went well! I went to my first... AFRICAN FUNERAL. It was crazy. I wrote about it more in the physical letter I wrote, but it was different than back home. Some people start wailing at random times... Also, they wear black and purple. Lots of purple. It's really cool. Any more questions on that? I have a hard time thinking of what exactly you'd want to know from an experience like that.

My health is great! I'm gaining weight, but I'm combating that... It sucks. -_- I still workout every morning, but I just have a bit more of a belly. Barely noticeable (trust me, the investigators and members here would tell me as soon as they notice if I was gaining big) but still more. Bleh. The food is just too good. ;)

I'm learning Pele more! It's going good. I can say hello and goodbye and how are you and let's eat. ;)

I wrote another handwritten letter, and I'm gonna mail it as soon as I can. There's a lot of fun in the evenings. There's still work, but I enjoy the evenings. There's plenty of awesome guys in the apartments!

[I sent him a copy of this photo from the Liberia Mission blog:]
That photo was taken by Sister Kirkham [at the Bushrod Island District Conference] . I glanced at her taking some photos. That building is a REALLY nice one. Also, the guy I'm talking to is Papi, someone I baptized. He's really awesome. I am getting more tan, but apparently the Doxy [doxycycline-malaria pills] messes with the pigmentation of your skin and doesn't let you get as tan. It's a real bummer. It's coming along though. :D   So, I just asked if I could send photos from this place, and they said no... I'll figure it out sometime though. I have a photo of me holding a puffer fish and stuff!

Other random things:
Elder Guymon made me cry last night. It sucked. I was just playing chess with Elder Pearmain (by candlelight, nonetheless), and Elder Guymon started playing some Hawaiian music. And then he played somewhere over the rainbow. It was unfair!

The Liahona for December talks about Africa... ... They took some pleasant photos of South Africa ;)

Something that is really hard to do here but is definitely needed is making families. Most people aren't married (as in, nearly no one is married), and if they are, the chances are still pretty small that they got a marriage certificate from the gov. We're working with numerous couples to help them figure out getting married, 'cause they need to do so. We're working really hard to build the family in Liberia.

I'm getting better at being a missionary, and this week is a big one in my training: I take the lead in all planning and teaching situations. I'm pretty stressed, and I'm relying on the Lord to help me do this. It's gonna be a big week!

Ah! The phone call is soon! It's crazy. I still remember your phone numbers! ;) I don't think I could forget them. I don't know when I'll be calling or any of those details yet.

I got all the stuff in the package!  It arrived safely and not broken into, even though you didn't put any pictures of Christ on the outside. Even the piano arrived safely! I like having it, it's really sweet. [I sent him a list of what was supposed to be in the box so he could see if it was missing anything.]
In October he asked for a grand piano. So we sent one.
Also, with Ryatt, that's super great. [Ryatt asked to listen to a recording of Rain playing the piano for his lullaby music Saturday night.]  I have gotten a chance to play a couple times, but it's really really rare...

Oh! Elder x is the one who puked! He's a funny guy. [I heard that someone got sick during their Thanksgiving feast, so I asked if it was him]  I haven't gotten sick at all! Admittedly I didn't feel very good after the Halloween ice cream fest and the Thanksgiving feast...

I'm glad you asked about my warts, because I was gonna mention that today! They are completely healed. I have scar tissue small on some of the spots, but they are gone. I'm so glad. [He had plantar warts on his foot that began to reappear in the MTC]  My clothes seem to be holding up fine! I hope the shirt and socks keep lasting, and I hope the same for my ties, but they're all doing fine. I noticed a hole in one sock today, but it's not in a problematic spot or anything so it's fine, and I'm wearing it! For shoes I mostly just wear the eccos, 'cause those shoes are sweet and super amazing, or I wear rain boots. The other shoes... I haven't really started alternating... because it's kinda hard to do that. Don't worry though, they aren't causing any problems! The dry season has hit, and it's really hot, especially in the apartment. No real issues with the supplies!

Oooh! I like the sound of that package in the mail! [An entire smoked salmon is on its way]

I love you all, and if I think of anything else, I'll make sure to write it physically ;) Keep asking questions in the emails: they really help me figure out what to write! Liberia is starting to feel more normal, and things don't seem unusual anymore.

I'm working hard, and I pray for you all. I love you. Heavenly Father is watching out for you. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Price

[If any blog readers have questions, be sure to put them in the comments section and I'll ask away]

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